Mike’s Priorities as your Attorney General

  1. Opiate & Drug Scourge; Tough on Crime- As the former United States Attorney, no one understands the opiate and drugs scourge better than me.  I have a proven documented record of being tough- tough on drug dealers and tough on criminals- while also understanding the critical important of redemption, treatment and second chances for the victims of substance abuse.
  2. Continue and expand the attack on Federal Overreach- I’ll continue and expand the work of Attorney General Morrisey to combat federal overreach on the environment, guns, life, and regulatory overreach.  The woke culture warriors, climate crazies and radical liberals- I’ll take on the radical forces that seek to destroy our jobs, take our guns, destroy our culture and our way of life. 
  3. Defend and Protect American Energy including coal and natural gas- I will be super-charged to ensure the defense and advocacy of the “energy beneath our feet.” We need to drill, frack and mine American energy and achieve American Energy Independence.  I’ll use every tool at my disposal to protect the jobs and industries that are critical to West Virginia’s economy and American national security.
  4. Assault on Fraud- Medicaid fraud, elder fraud, identity theft, substance abuse treatment program fraud, business fraud, etc.- fraud is at a crisis level today.  Fraud causes everyone to pay more and its victims are real.  I’ll assault fraud at every level and, as the former United States Attorney, I have a proven record of prosecuting Medicaid fraud and taking on those that prey on the weak and vulnerable.
  5. Supporting parents and families- West Virginia and American families are under assault today.  I am 100% committed to protecting parents and families including school choice, health choice and other issues. 
  6. Supporting law enforcement and veterans-  As a United States Attorney, I “Backed the Blue” and I supported expansion and growth of programs to support veterans.  As Attorney General I’ll continue to “Back the Blue” and we will expand Veteran’s Courts and veteran’s outreach throughout West Virginia.

Mike’s record as US Attorney- historic; broke records

  1. Rebuilt the operations of the US Attorney’s offices throughout the district
  2. Historic prosecution of two WV Supreme Court Justices (first time ever in WV history)
  3. More drug raids and takedowns than at any time in WV history
  4. At one point, had the highest rate of immediate detention in the nation
  5. Tough on crime record- my solution to prison overcrowding? Build Another Prison
  6. Biggest meth takedown in WV history
  7. Took enough fentanyl off the streets to kill more than 40 million people (enough to kill the state of WV more than 20 times over)
  8. Largest Medicaid fraud takedown in the history of West Virginia
  9. Clear outspoken record of “Backing the Blue” and proposed the “Back the Blue” license plate. When passed by the legislature, I was awarded plate #0001.
  10. Realized $36 million in revenues and collections with a budget of $12 million over my final two years

Mike’s Senate record- broke records and passed big bills

  1. Defeated a 4 term 16 year popular Democrat in a 5:1 Democrat district by nearly 17%
  2. Passed four major bills in my first session- historic
    1. Passed a two-year vehicle inspection sticker. It’s currently a one year sticker. I’ll take a 100% improvement every day.
    2. Overhauled West Virginia’s drugs laws by updating West Virginia’s Controlled Substance Schedules and a new bill completely overhauling the out-of-control, over-the-counter drug market.
    3. Passed a bill requiring that all felony warrants be indexed in the National Crime Information Center database- a bill that makes law enforcement safer across the nation
  3. Proven conservative voting record
    Passed four major bills in my first session- historic